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Crazy Beard Salon Girls Games


In this day we opened a new barber and we already have two clients who are looking forward to their hair cut and shave them. Since the first day, and employees do not have a lot of experience, should help to do a good job. First you have to wash your hair and beard, then delete them thoroughly with a towel. Then she usti hair and combs it, to prepare for a haircut. Then you must cut them with scissors hair and full beard then mow them. You need to use aftershave after I finished shaving to not irritate the skin to have a very soft and smooth. After I finished shaving and trimming, we can show wardrobe, how to choose an outfit can be very elegant. Gives this as the first client and has some cuts and some complimentary bonuses. Thank you for your help and please try other games for girls to test your skills in this type of game.Instructions: Use your fingers to play